Our state-of-the-art, vertically integrated production, assembly and tooling capabilities are designed to meet all of your project needs in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.


Whether the product is coming back to your facility or being shipped directly to a customer, we are able to get your order directly to where you need it.

We founded Olivia Lighting Corp. in 2008.

Most people would agree that starting up a new company anytime in the last few years would be a challenging task. Many were closing their doors..

We instead saw and took the opportunity to “show everyone how it’s done”. It’s done how it was always supposed to be done. By giving our customers what they expect when they call us.

A quality product at a fair price. A company willing to listen to our clients needs and respond quickly with the knowledge and ability to get the job done and delivered: The honesty and respect that should be at the heart of all business dealings.

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Our Core Values

Our business is hinged on a set of core values that create us unique company culture and client experience. These values are visible in every interaction with employees, customers and stakeholders, from our corporate offices to our North American UL facilities.


    We will respectfully do what we say we’ll do.


    We are driven to win for our customers, employees and stakeholders.


    We will continuously strive to exceed our customers expectations.

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